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Use Security Camera, DVR Recorder and Live Monitoring to Keep Your Church Or Synagogue Safe

In the last few decades there has been trouble from arsonist, muggers and even rapist. Individual members have been attacked when there alone, cleaning or decorating for an event and many buildings have been burned.

Camera from SafeStreets

1. You can reduce the probability of this and other things from happening at your Church or Synagogue by installing outdoor and indoor surveillance system equipment. It is probable your members could do all the work. Make it a project your membership could volunteer for. The ladies could bring refreshments, others keep the work area clean and younger people up on ladders mounting the cameras.

Outdoor and indoor cameras, dome camera, infrared, color and Black & White cameras are available. Hidden Cameras can be used inside if you think some members might feel their privacy is being invaded by exposed dome cameras, etc.

Locate the multi-channel DVR in a secure and locked location. Better yet, locate it off site. With modern technology the cameras can be connected to the internet and recorded on a remote DVR at a members home. If that person is usually at home they could live monitor. If they see something bad happening they could call 911 and have police, fire or EMS on the way. Someone who is physically disabled but mentally sound could do the work of monitoring. A DVR recording is very good to have, but having the system monitored Live and recorded is far better.

The recordings can also help protect from liability if someone makes a false claim against your synagogue or church and the video proves they are lying.

Keep in mind the importance of Live Monitoring. The DVR recorder will help in catching the criminal, but live monitoring can prevent the crime from happening by getting police help immediately.

If they are monitored off site, they can be used to send and direct emergency responders to a crime, fire or medical emergency, reducing the severity of the incident. The DVR recording can be a great aid to police and prosecutors after a crime is committed or for legal proof.


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